Friends of Ashlea Medical Practice

We are a new charity with goals of helping the NHS to give better care to our patients and the wider community. With monies raised we have distributed the purchases across both surgeries. We have provided: Padded taller waiting room chairs – for those who find it difficult to bend/sit. Blood pressure machine for the waiting room. A dermatoscope – a hand held polarised magnifying light to look at skin lesions to assist with possible diagnosis of cancers. A 24 hour blood pressure monitor to reduce waiting lists. Loupes glasses (magnifiers) to enable microsuction. Hydraulic couch for microsuction. Stool to assist in being able to perform microsuction. Currently we are raising money for another microsuction machine. This will reduce waiting lists across the whole community. There are collection boxes available at reception. If you would like to make a donation through your bank account please ask reception for a form.

Published on 19 October 2023